When the Wood Sang

Den här boken är på engelska men alltså...den är så bra, jag var tvungen att ta in den. 

One winter’s day in a forest in southern Sweden, Stina Gray found a story unlike anything she had ever heard before. The story initiated a journey that took her deep into the singing, weeping woods of her Motherland and to the heart of her path as a storyteller. The journey awakened her senses to the lore of the land, showing her that everyone and everything has a song to sing and a story to tell. The Earth is singing. When the Woods Sang is a book about that journey and about some of the songs, stories and people she met along the way.

344 pages, A5 size, printed on recycled paper in Italy.

Publisher: Campano Edizioni, Pisa, Italy. Published in June 2023.

229 kr