Do you long for a deeper healing journey?  Do you want to learn to live in the wild?  Do you yearn to sit next to the bonfire?  Do you want to be in deeper contact with your body and to strengthen your connection with nature?  Have you ever wondered and asked yourself what it actually means to be a man in these modern times?

"Adunanin" is a three-day outdoor retreat/camp for men. Adunanin is a Celtic word from Bretagne, and it means to "Reunite again." Adunanin calls upon us now, those who believe that it is time for us men to come together and to support and strengthen a safer world. And in order to do that, we need to start with ourselves.

To heal relationships with fathers and nature, deepening connections among men. We want to create a safe place for men, free from toxic masculinity. To discover vulnerability, tenderness, and to do so free from the shame of being seen as weak. To heal our connection with our fathers and their fathers. To heal our connection to our mothers and their mothers. To heal our connection to nature. To be able to feel whole, seen, heard, and loved.

During Adunanin, we will camp together in tents, tarps, or under the stars. We will live for three days as a small community. We will take care of our place, gather, and forage what is needed. We will cook together over the open fire. Nature will be our host, and our home.

You will get: - Food during this three days - Morning exercises - Somatic body movement regarding trust and connection - Sharing in circles - Deepening nature connection exercises - Reflection and integration time - Ceremonies and spiritual work to reconnect with ourselves, mother earth, and our ancestors.

Adunanin is held by Isak Burström, Peter Lindskog, and Manu Tiger.

Isak Burström: Artist and musician with a big interest in Spirituality. Has been studying the work of Hilma af Kilnt and other mystical works in depth. Participating and facilitating in a Men's groupfor two years.

Peter Lindskog: brings extensive experience in physical and somatic practices. With ten years of teaching experience under his belt, he has successfully guided both groups and individuals on their wellness journeys through organisations such as "The movement community". "Modus Australia", The international Youth Program", and various school. Attending Naturliv for his second time and Skogsträdgårdsodling in Stjärnsund.

Manu Tiger: Circus artist for nearly 20 years with performing and organising events, during this years he has been teaching circus where safety and trust is a key to make things possible, for groups and individuals, kids and adults. Men's group facilitator at his place for three years. Participate for one year in Naturliv course and currently studying Druidism. 

When: 26 to 28 of July                                                                                                                                                                                            Where: Around Järna, the exact place will be decided later.       

For more info contact [email protected] 

2 500 kr